#UMassDBelieves | Summer Writing Project!

Hi UMassD Corsair Community!

Welcome to our Summer Writing Experience Blog! For this project, we ask each of you an important question as you begin this next chapter of your life:


We invite each of you to post your own belief statement to share with fellow incoming students. Your #UMassDBelieves blog posts are an opportunity for you to REFLECT on what exactly it is you care about, LEARN about and from one another, and JOIN the conversation about student life at UMassD.

Refer to the pages above for directions and examples.

A Quick Tutorial

Respectful Discourse

Our This We Believe project supports free and open discourse while embracing the University’s Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy, which aims to ensure that “the individual dignity and potential of each of its members are given full respect, recognition, and encouragement.”

On the blog, there may be content that some find offensive and it’s important to weigh perspectives that are vastly different from our own in what we read and write. You are writing for an audience of your peers and the faculty and staff you will meet during your time here at UMass Dartmouth– real people!

The University does not endorse any specific comment.

Happy Blogging!