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What do you believe about family?

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  1. Colin w

    Family is the cornerstone of society, an intricate web of relationships that shapes individuals and communities. It is a source of love, support, and belonging that transcends borders and cultures. While the concept of family has evolved over time, its significance remains undiminished.

    At its core, a family is a group of individuals connected by blood, marriage, or adoption. This bond brings with it a shared history and a sense of kinship that is fundamental to our identity. Families provide us with our first lessons in love, empathy, and cooperation. They are the first teachers, guiding us through the early stages of life.

    Beyond these foundational lessons, families also offer emotional support. In times of joy and sorrow, families are there to celebrate our successes and provide comfort during setbacks. They are a safe haven where we can express our true selves without fear of judgment. This emotional support bolsters our mental well-being, fostering resilience and self-esteem.

    Moreover, families are the primary source of cultural transmission. Traditions, values, and customs are passed down through generations within the family unit. This cultural continuity enriches our lives and maintains our connection to our heritage.

    In conclusion, family is the bedrock upon which society is built. It provides love, support, and a sense of belonging that shapes our character and values. As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, the enduring importance of family remains steadfast, anchoring us in a rapidly changing world.

  2. Ian C
    I think FAMILY is a group of members that is most related to and close to us in our life because whenever we need help from someone we will end up calling one of our family first to seek help from them and they will do whatever they can do to help the family. I love my mom the most in my family because she really takes care of me the most since my dad passed away when I was five years old kid. Every time I go out with my friends she always asks me two questions, Where are you going and When are you coming back. All these years I have been answering these two questions without knowing why she asking me and she knows I’m coming home after hanging out with friends. So one day, I asked her, “Why do you always ask me these two questions every time I go out with my friends?” and she replied, “Because I don’t want to lose another one that I love. If you tell me where are you going and when are you coming back home I will be assured. So if you have gone missing I can confirm to tell the police where was the last place you went and when.” Since that one day, I know for sure my mom has been caring about me since I was a kid. Now My family members had added up and had a new dad, a one-year-old sista named Janice, a three-year-old brother named Caleb, and an upcoming baby in the next year January. And now it is my turn to ask these two questions to my siblings when they get older and to protect them as my mom protected me when I was a kid. I love my mom as deeply as my heart goes and grateful to her.

  3. Arianna B
    I think when people hear the word family, they tend to think in order for someone to be part of your family you have to have a steady and perfect relationship with them. In reality, even when someone is family you can have tumultuous and vulnerable moments with them. It took me some time to realize this because I grew up in an environment where people were constantly trying to please each other in order to keep the peace. I realized that I was tired of keeping up a fake persona in front of people who were supposed to care about me regardless of the qualities I had they weren’t so fond of, so I started unapologetically being myself. With this came creating new, exciting relationships and stronger relationships with people who were already in my life. Although getting into disagreements with those you’re closest to can be uncomfortable, it has to happen. When you keep things in and push them aside, they will only fester and at some point, manifest into other forms like passive aggressiveness and resentment. At least when you confront someone, they’ll know what you’re thinking and what they choose to do is their call. Creating a family shouldn’t only be based on deciding whether people are worthy or not. You yourself have a part in the creation of said family. You have to be conscious of the way you treat others and handle confrontation. Family isn’t about being picture perfect. To be a family is to go through the motions but always come out in the end together.

    • I fully agree that to be close with others you have to be yourself rather than suppressing yourself in a people pleasing way. You may of course have disagreements with those closest to you.

    • Samnatha Beane
      I like this concept of unconditional love. I’ve definitely had bumpy relationships with a few people in my family. I had often thought that the bond we once shared would come loose long before it should. Being at home, I had always grouped those in my house as one unit when reflecting on past interactions with their individual selves. When I butted heads with somebody, I would feel as though the rest were watching us behind glass. For what I believed to be a lack of support from them as a group, it was far from reality. When we lost a close family member recently, it was then when I realized that those who I believed did not have my back, were the most supportive and caring of all during these difficult times. And though the confrontations occurred quite often, it does not attest to the genuine love we share with each other. Despite all the issues in our family, we ultimately have a strong connection that will last for the rest of our lives.

  4. I believe that it is important to prioritize the family that you have. Your family is your rock, your foundation, and your support system. They will be there for you when you are going through tough times and they will also be there for your proudest moments. They will continue to have your best interest at mind and uplift you. I also believe family is not just your blood relatives or the family you were born into, but you can choose your family too. I consider some of my friends as family too. My friends constantly show that they care for me and always give me beneficial advice. They are caring and kind and we have so much love for each other. These people are also my family. During the COVID lockdown of 2020, I was at a very low point in my life, as was almost everyone else. I was isolating myself from everybody and basically locked myself in my room. The only thing that kept me from going insane was my family. They kept me in their prayers and reassured me that everything would be alright. They checked on me and spent time with me. This is the way family is supposed to be. I will alway be able to lean on and trust in my family. They are the people who know me best and who make me feel safe and loved. I am glad that I am able to say that I have a family who loves and cares about me. I believe that everyone should prioritize family because their family prioritizes them.

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