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What do you believe about love?

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  1. The word love has been around and used since the beginning. It has various different meanings depending on the person’s view, and is generally a word used to describe feelings of adoration and affection.
    Love can be a beautiful feeling, yet also devastating. The way I see it, this can bring people together, whether it be through friendship, a relationship, or something more familial. It can also be hard to cope with when losing that relationship, making love such a complex emotion. Love is all around us constantly, and it can be easier to obtain for some compared to others.
    I won’t lie, I myself am a fan of love poems and romance books, but I have come to realize as I got older that pure love like that in fiction does not exist. It is more of a raw emotion that can be hard to understand, and takes patience to obtain and fully grasp. But, I do find that there is joy in trivial love as well that isn’t so serious, such as your favorite tv show, book, or song. This type of love is something that everyone has, and makes life just that much better.
    Of course, as most of us do, I want love in the form of a relationship, but even more I yearn for love in my own life. It is great to have someone love you, but it’s even greater to love yourself. I want to live a life I love, where I have a career I’m happy in and have the privilege to enjoy the simple things in life. Love means many things to all of us, but to me it signifies happiness and being content with yourself and those you hold dear.

    • I enjoyed reading this. You really did talk about all different types of lives that can happen in different situations and not just a relationship that everyone associates love with. Nice view.

    • Totally agree! Love is this invisible feeling that none of us may even be able to grasp. I do really love your last statement about loving yourself though. Finding love might even be a bit easier than truly loving ourselves and accepting ourselves for all of our flaws while also trying to improve ourselves, it’s almost paradoxical. At the end of the day, having the privilege to enjoy the simple things in life might just be enough to feel loved ourselves. ¯\_( ツ )_/¯

    • I liked the fact that you also showed how love can be interpreted throughout other people’s perspective. I do believe in love and love is a very beautiful thing and I’m grateful that I’ve witnessed the good side of love.

    • i like this good essay

    • Love this, very well said i totally agree!

    • very well said!

    • Love truly is such a raw emotion. I hope we can all live a life we love.

    • An amazing explanation of your point of view, demonstrating exactly what you think of love and the type of relationship you want to build in the future.

    • I like your essay and how much it explores the concept of love.

    • I agree with this. I also think that you have an infinite amount of love to be given to others and yourself. It is weird that that is the case but when you think about it there are so many ways to show love without giving gifts to another person or going out. I think that time is the most important way to love another person. Whether it is just hanging out and appreciating what you have or showing that there time matters as well and they can choose what they do in that time.

    • This is beautifully written.

    • I 100% agree with you that love is complicated in our lives and everyone loves differently. I like the part where you say you want to be able to love your life and yourself because that is the most essential part.

  2. Dante A.
    Love. There is no stronger emotion than love. Love is something that can be seen everywhere in every place all the time. It has existed for thousands if not millions of years long before people were around. It can be seen everywhere in nature. A mother bird caring for her chicks. A father lion protecting his kids and his pride. It can be seen in one’s feelings for something not even alive. A person’s feelings towards sports. An artist’s feelings for his craft. Love is such a deep and intense emotion that connects people and things together. It is not something that can be described or has its own definition. Sure you can say it is “an intense feeling of deep affection,” or “a great interest and pleasure in something,” but love is way more than that. Love goes way beyond words and understanding.We grasp the basic concept but not love itself. Love just is. The reason I live by loving one’s self and projecting it onto others is not because of the definition, it is because of the warm feelings and raw emotions we experience when we receive it. Those emotions and those feelings deserve to be spread to every person no matter what. When someone is down or depressed, love helps. When someone is angry and mad, love cures. If someone is anxious or nervous, love comforts. Even if someone is happy, feeling great love makes them feel even better. Most people have needed someone there for them or have felt helpless and when things were looking bleak received that love saving them. Love only generates more love so if everyone decided to spread it then it would make everyone’s day brighter and would help those who need it most. So to those who read this I only ask one thing. Please, spread some love.

    • Yes! This world needs some more love spread around 🙂

    • hgauthieronofre

      August 16, 2023 at 4:36 am

      this was so good wow .

    • Such a nice message, more people should definitely think like this

    • The way you describe love is so beautiful. The idea that love is not just a feeling between two people, but that it can also be something someone feels towards something that brings them joy is an idea that I strongly believe in.

    • Very poetic, very inspirational, very touching. Insightful and heartfelt, good work.

  3. I love this, it’s amazing.

    • Love. I believe it’s something that we all long to experience. To be loved and to love. Some search far and wide for love. Love is so necessary that from time to time we desperately go looking for it in places where we shouldn’t. At times resulting in heartbrokenness, confusion, and anger. I believe that there is a love that is superior to any love that we could ever find in any person, place, or thing. Which is the love of Jesus Christ, which I’ve had the privilege of experiencing. This love is not circumstantial, it’s eternal. This love is not shallow, it’s profound. This love is not selfish, it’s selfless. This love does not result in pain, it results in healing. This love is like no other. Before we even formed a single thought about Him, he sacrificed His life for us because of His love for us. His love always stays, even when we walk away from Him. His love always stays, even when we sin against Him. When we had no one to turn to, His love was there for us. All in all, there is nothing that we could ever do that could strip us from the love that God has for each and every one of us. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 8:38-39).

  4. Kimmy W

    Love is complicated, to put it simply.

    It is hard to point out just one answer of what love can look or feel like. There are endless situations, that can be described as ‘love’. From my experience, it is still difficult, because sometimes I have felt “love” for someone, but that love is only one sided because the other person does not reciprocate that love. That leads to an episode of thoughts, that has caused me to think love does not exist for me. Because then I envy friends for having a stable relationship, or a crush on someone who reciprocates that love feeling back. I vicariously live through books, video games, tv shows characters and witness how other people depict love and wonder when I will be able to experience that “love” feeling. That guides me to a happier spirit, to believe that love exists… Just not yet for me.

    “Self-Love” is something I struggle with a lot because there are times where I love myself, but only when it feels “convenient” to me. Those are times where I have felt defensive over someone challenging my own integrity, which leads to one spark of self-love to light up. But there are also times where I have loved myself for either getting an answer correct in class, or when I play a good move in a video game or when I create a beautiful art piece.

    Love is confusing, but I feel once you have it, it is something you want to keep close and forever.

  5. Love is a feeling that is deeply craved by every person that lives. It can either be one of the happiest things they have experienced or something that can devour them. When love is felt or given, it spreads positivity and comfort, but it could also be manipulated. Most people are scared or loving or being loved for that reason; there are layers to love; it’s deeper than just saying you love a person or an object. When it is truly love, you can feel it lift your body up with light, but when there is manipulated love it consumes you and takes over your life in an awful way. When an individual is in love they can do anything and blame it on the love, which messes with a persons sense of love. Is it love or is it just what I deserve? Is it love or is it just what i’m provided with? Is it ever going to be love or just what i’m accustomed with. Real love should never be questioned; when it’s real, it is known.

    • Is there a mix between harmful and true love? It could be harmful love initially and turn into true love or vice versa. When would we be able to feel the difference between the two, or when should you feel the shift in either direction?
      Unfortunately, love will be questioned regardless of whether it’s manipulated or not. That could be for many reasons, such as insecurities and outside influences, which are challenging to avoid.
      This is a thoughtful approach, and I appreciate your perspective.

    • So true. The words “I love you” an either be misleading or greatly undervalue the speaker’s actual feelings. True love can’t be summarized into 3 words. True love is shown through a person’s actions. Giving your all to one person can be scary, but love really is a beautiful thing and it is one of the things that can make life worth living.

  6. When someone asks me if I believe in love, I will usually hesitate to answer. I will think about all the times when I have thought I was in “love”, but I know it was never real. The younger me thought receiving cute little notes was an act of love, or meeting at the end of the school day before heading home on the school bus. I had never had that feeling of being in love until I met him. I had the usual butterflies when we would catch each other’s gaze or awkwardly stand next to each other trying to think about what to say. We would stay up until the morning knowing we had school and we even got to the point when we met each other’s families. After I met him, I knew everything I needed to know about love because I love him. Love will influence you to care about someone so deeply that you will do anything you can to make sure that the person you love is simply okay. When two individuals care for each other so deeply, their efforts will bounce off one another, creating the greatest feeling; love. Having someone to love can fulfill the void of loneliness, making it important to find someone or even a group of individuals to love until you can’t anymore. Love is a beautiful feeling that brings joy and connection, it might be different for everyone, but is worth cherishing. I hope everyone has a chance to experience love in their life as it is a sense of belonging, romantic, familial, and sacrificing.

  7. David Ocasio

    Love is a complex and beautiful emotion that goes beyond just a feeling. What is more, love is a deep connection and bond that can transcend mere emotions. Love involves care, compassion, and selflessness. It’s about genuinely wanting the best for someone and being there for them in good times and bad. Love is an active choice and commitment to support, understand, and uplift the person we love. Yes, it can require effort, sacrifice, and understanding, but that’s the beauty of it all. Love is often considered the best experience because it brings immense happiness and fulfillment. Love allows us to form meaningful relationships and create long-lasting memories that will never leave the storage of one’s thoughts. Love transcends cultures and eras and has a significant impact on both the lives of individuals and society. It acts as a potent force that nurtures strong emotional ties, encourages empathy, and solidifies the web of interpersonal interactions. The power of love to transform people and give them a sense of joy, solace, and purpose is the foundation for this idea. People develop enduring relationships, find comfort in shared experiences, and acquire a sense of meaning via love, all of which enrich their lives. This idea is supported by both the concrete advantages of friendship, emotional support, and caring for one another as well as the ethereal yet profoundly felt feelings of connection and belonging that come from love. The persistent faith in love ultimately represents humanity’s fundamental desire for connection, unity, and the extraordinary capacity to experience and share profound emotions that shape the very essence of being human.

  8. Sabrina Angeli
    Love can be viewed in different forms. A powerful word that can heal anyone from anything. I picture love as a way of trust, affection, feeling, and emotion. It brings us together, as one. There is something about loving and devoting that helps you elevate yourself. Being an example to the people around me is one of my top priorities, my grandparents always taught me that no matter how badly the world treats me, give love back without expecting anything in return. As the bible mentions “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” – Hebrews 6:10. Serving others is a form of expressing our faith to God, encouraging the world to be the best version of themselves. Something that amazes me is how different everyone is, and the different languages around us, but somehow love can be expressed without communication, that is the beauty of it. Love cures, love heals, love helps, love is comforting someone. It moves us to forgive and forget, it gives us hope in the middle of a turbulence. It creates bridges and not walls, it creates peace and not anger. But the key to love someone is to love yourself first, you cannot give what you don’t have, take care of your physical and mental health before anything else, it is not a selfish act, just a necessary step into pouring into someone else.

  9. Nkwapong
    It is widely believed that, the most beautiful and expensive things in this world can not be seen or touched but rather, can only be felt with the heart. So is the issue of love; seen as a noun or verb. Love is indeed a beautiful thing and when it is mutual, its full benefits can be reaped.
    Regardless of all the nice things about love, can love ever really be defined, described or conceptualized? Most people have tried to define and describe love based on their personal experiences, socialization, folklore and what other experts say; to the extent that, some say love is blind since it reflects a feeling that makes people not to see the negativities of their love objects but if it is widely believed that, God is love, then why is love blind since God is not blind.
    Many people have different means of showing love which becomes their love language. To some, buying them gifts is a show of love while to others, spending time with them is a prove of love. Yet to others, understanding their mortal weaknesses is a prove of love. Several love languages do exist however, love, I believe is a decision to care, to tolerate, to be patient and to make sacrifices.
    The complexities around the love subject has raised standards in its expression especially where even the experts sometimes fail in its expression and manifestation. Erich From, a Psychology expert listed recognition, attention, responsibility, feeling and mutual respect as being the main processes that can lead to the expression and sustenance of love. Other experts such as Scott peck, a psychiatrist also described love as a desire of humans to develop themselves mentally and spiritually. All religions also profess the recognition of love as a fundamental need of all humans however, many still fail at it.
    To be sure you have found love, certain parameters should have been fulfilled. This includes but not limited to;
    *There should be a sense of attraction and deep interest.
    *There should be an aura of happiness
    * Must have an innate responsibility to show care
    *An ability to make sacrifices
    In conclusion, Love should not be expressed by one person but should be mutual and in order to reach the ultimate love goal, where both parties are physically and mentally attached and attracted to one each other, both parties need to be intentional and conscious about the afore-listed parameters.

  10. People say that feelings can’t be seen. Well, love is a feeling and I believe it can be seen. It can be seen all over the place like when you are walking down the street and you see a couple holding hands or when you are out to dinner and you see a couple eating together.
    I believe that love is something that comes in many different forms. Whether it’s a couple or a family or a group of friends. Love brings people together and binds some people for the rest of their lives. Love brings comfort and tranquility to so many people who want it to.
    I believe that love is good and bad. In a way, love is good because it’s something that when you feel it for the first time you never want to let that feeling go. To me love is sometimes not a good thing. When I see a couple walking together ,say at school, down the hall it makes me feel like I am supposed to have a relationship and that I’m behind in life because I don’t have what they have. I start to feel lonely and feel like I have missed out on this experience that everyone says is so amazing. Everyone always tells me “Oh don’t worry you will find someone eventually.” This scares me because I am afraid of growing up and being alone.
    I have noticed over the years that love leaves and comes when it wants. You can’t make love stay with you. If you are forcing love, it isn’t love. It has taken me so long to realize that having a relationship or loving someone isn’t as important in my life right now. I need to focus on myself, my family and friends that already love me because that love is already in my life and it will stay with me for as long as it wants. I will just have to prepare myself for when that love leaves.

  11. Some people may think your first love is the purest and most genuine love, but it’s always your second love. Your first love usually happens when you are young. You don’t know what love is yet. During this time, you’re trying to learn what love is and accept what you think it is. You hurt people, and people hurt you when all we’re trying to do is figure out love. You start to realize it isn’t true love, but it was love for what you thought love was in the moment. You notice all the bad things that were always obscured by all the “but, I Love You.” By this time, you begin to see that it wasn’t love. You leave with everything you’ve learned and a whole new perspective on love. Your second love always comes so unexpectedly.
    When you meet them, you realize your first love never really loved you; you were just attached because you’ve never experienced true love, and you thought that’s what they gave you. Once you meet your second love, you know what you want. You’ve already experienced the things you love about love and the bad things that were disguised by “love,” so you’re ready to give it your all and love the purest way you possibly can. Your second love always teaches you that you are loveable. They reassure you that love is real and show you how beautiful it is. Your second love makes you feel like the only person in this world. They care for you; they heal you; they genuinely love you.

  12. The experience and understanding of love can be understood in many of ways. It is characterized as a strong sense of feelings , caring, and loyalty for someone or something. Joy, affection, energy,  are just a few of the emotions that love is . But it all matter once you find the right one.

  13. I feel as though, love comes in many different ways shapes, and forms. Different people from around the world express their version of love in many different ways. There can be good love and there can also be bad love. Love often involves deep affection, care, and empathy you may have for somebody. Some traits of love is being caring, compassionate, empathetic, kind, accepting, understanding, and so much more. Accepting is a plays a big role when it comes to love because love includes accepting a person for who they are. Regardless of all the flaws they have and the imperfections, they are still being accepted. Commitment also plays a big role when it comes to love because when you are in a relationship with someone, you guys are expected to be committed to each other and have that dedication to stay with each other even if times get rough. There was a time when I was very sick and I needed someone to take care of me because I was too sick to take care of myself. My brother notices how sick I am and does not feel like its right to go to work and let me suffer like this. He takes the time to call his job and call out for the next couple days, just so that he can take care of me. This is a form of love because he is being generous and kind enough to stop doing his business and call out of work for a couple days to take care of me for free. This is showing the love that he has for me because he does not want to see me sick. He continues to take care of me the next couple of days and I start to feel better. As the pain is going away, I offer my brother money for taking good care of me and making me feel better. He declines my offer and says, “I did it out of love”. This is showing the empathy that he has for me which is a form of love.

  14. Elizabeth A.

    Love is a beautiful and timeless emotion. It is a feeling that warms the soul and makes your heart skip a beat. Love is about caring for somebody. It is about wanting to be beside someone through thick and thin. It is about cherishing every moment with somebody. Love can be platonic or romantic; it connects people and brings them closer together. On the contrary, love is also an action. Showing someone the love you have for them should always be supported through actions. The most important part of love is knowing how someone wants to be loved. Communication is huge and cannot be one way, it must be reciprocated. Selflessness and sacrifices put their needs before yours. Love is extremely vulnerable because of the honesty you give. This opens you up to the worst part of love, of course. Love can be messy, complicated, ugly, or all of the above. It is filled with ups and downs, but the rewards of love outweigh these risks, making it worth it. Love makes the world go round and makes life meaningful. It forces us to improve, be resilient and gives us purpose. I have multiple types of love in my life. I have love for my family, my friends, and for my boyfriend. Although this feeling is portrayed by the same word, they have completely different meanings and how they are portrayed. It can be as simple as buying flowers for my grandmother, spending the entire day with my younger sister, or buying my boyfriend the model airplane he has always wanted. Love means different things to everyone, which makes it even more special.

    • I like how you worded this! I also agree with what you said, about how love is also an action. That’s such a nice way to put it, that to have love is to show love through one’s own actions. I also like how you added how love can be shown through its vulnerability, which I believe is also an important aspect of it.

  15. Kaydence S.

    Love, what is love? By definition love is described as an intense feeling of deep affection. I am a firm believer that love has such a deeper connection than what any definition can describe. Love can be given to and reciprocated through any living being. It is what interconnects us all as individuals and how we treat our relationships, romantic or not. From a mother raising her children to the simplicity of making plans with friends or watching your favorite show, love can be found in almost any space. It is such a beautiful feeling to experience and yet it can also cause so much heartache. It can be scary, it can be anxiety-inducing, it can cause pain, it can cause obsession, practically any emotion can be amplified from being in love. Love is such a powerful emotion, but when you look in the right places love will be nothing but kind to you. Putting that energy into yourself, someone else, or into the universe in general can truly change an individual. For me, I enjoy expressing my love for my friends. I love my friends with all of my being, I would honestly do anything to keep them happy. They are my pride and joy, from having the best laughs to crying with them to going on little adventures together. Never take advantage of the love a friendship provides, it is such a beautifully different type of companionship, at least that’s what I believe. I am eternally grateful for love and the connections it has given to me and continues to bless me with. I love love and always will.

    • I very much agree with you that love is a deeper connection that any amount of words could ever describe. Your writing was very well said, I couldn’t agree more.

    • I love this answer. I totally agree that love is far too complicated to be reduced to any one definition.

  16. Love is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection. Love is something everyone hopes and wishes for. Everyone wants to be loved as who they are, even when they are making decisions only for their benefit. You are loved as a child by everyone around you. As you grow up it seems like all that love leaves and you have to find someone to love you for who you are. I believe love is the desire to put someone’s well being above yours. I believe in love. It’s the strongest feeling above all other feelings. It’s life giving or life taking. Love can be exciting, happy, frustrating and even draining. Love brings people together but it can also tear them apart. It’s respected or disrespected, pleasant or cruel, tender or tough. It creates life and destroys it. You haven’t fully lived until you’ve loved. Love is what fuels me. It is my motivation. Love will keep my heart anxiously beating, make me happy and sad, excite me and frustrate me, but most of all, love will drive me to success as long as I believe in love, I will love.

  17. Love is in my opinion so universally unique in every way. No love is the same and holds different challenges. Love also gives in some ways the greatest strength along with greatest pain. Love can affect every aspect and emotion of one’s life. As inexplicable as it is, love holds the greatest power by far. Love holds no bounds. The feeling of anguish when the one you love the most isn’t responding. I have felt the pain caused by being away from the one you love, having to leave the best friend you’ve ever known to pursue your dreams. The emotional strain is immense having your heart left 1,200 miles away. Just knowing that others feel this makes me feel less alone. Moving to this new school I hope I can connect with more people through the strongest emotion known, Love. As I move through this new chapter of my life I hope I can remain irrevocably in love with life. Love will continue to guide me and for better or worse I will hold onto the greatest love I’ve ever known.

  18. Love involves a deep sense of care and concern for the well-being and happiness of another person. It goes beyond superficial attraction and encompasses a genuine interest in the other person’s feelings, needs, and growth. Love sometimes requires making sacrifices and putting the needs of the other person ahead of your own. It involves a commitment to the relationship, whether it’s a romantic partnership, a friendship, or a family bond. Love is also unconditional. It means loving someone without placing conditions or expectations on them. This doesn’t mean ignoring harmful behaviors, but rather maintaining a fundamental care for the person despite their flaws.

  19. Love is a powerful and unifying emotion, cuts over borders and cultural differences and shapes the core of human connections. It is a strong force that unites people, families, and communities. From the warmth of friendship to the intensity of passionate affection, love can take on a variety of shapes. We can share in each other’s joys and sorrows when empathy, compassion, and understanding are fostered through love. Every aspect of a person’s life is affected by love. It offers a basis of support and trust in interpersonal relationships, fostering emotional well-being. Family love forges ties that last the test of time and provide comfort and a sense of belongingLove has effects on societal and international levels in addition to interpersonal relationships. Communities are strengthened by acts of compassion and love, which spread a sense of harmony and cohesion. Philanthropic endeavors, social transformation, and advocacy for justice and equality are all motivated by love for humanity. It serves as a reminder of our shared humanity and our need to take good care of one another and the environment we live in.Love is a motivator for change and development in oneself. It motivates people to face obstacles head-on, face their fears, and work toward improving themselves. Love has the potential to inspire optimism even in the midst of hardship, giving us the resolve to endure and pursue our goals.

  20. athomascromwell

    August 16, 2023 at 3:37 am

    Love is the essence of a feeling, a feeling that is scary to feel but at the same time such a beautiful feeling to feel. it’s one of the feelings you can despise, but a feeling you get dawn over and ponder about. An endless essence that only fades away because it becomes compressed by other objectives. But love is only scary because love is something that brings in happiness. We are all scared to lose something that makes us happy and the scars from that loss of love build the fear of love. But how deep in love do you have to be to overcome the fear of love? Trauma just gets compressed around the body, but love trauma gets compressed where? I believe that being scared to love can bring to a new understanding of what love is. Because love is light and happiness but is also a very melancholy feeling. It’s one of the things that connect to grief & loss , dreams and aspirations, education & beliefs, your love for something builds the character you are. Your love for something brings possibilities into fruition. But allowing urself to love is the strongest thing you can do as a person because that involves a new state of vulnerability, new state of closeness with no idea of what happens next. Which is why i love love.

  21. What is love

    Alivensky Morisseau
    Love. What is love, is it a feeling you get when your around people who care or you care for. Where does love come from, the heart? Emotions? I like to believe love is more than a feeling but something you choose to do. Yes there’s unconditional love that can come from family, but then again there are some people who don’t love their family, and it can be for many reasons, and there are some who are not related by blood with unconditional love for others. If love is a feeling, then how can one do something to hurt those they love, is it because at that moment they lose the feeling, or did they never love them to begin with. All this comes back to my saying of you choosing to love, yes you can feel love, but once you stop feeling it, for example, when you’re with your significant other and feel butterflies, stuttering or those feelings normally coordinated with love, once you lose those feelings, do you not love that person anymore? That’s why I think you choose who you love and that love doesn’t come from the heart as people would say but from the mind. You pick who you love, and you can love them for many reasons, from them being your family and you love them for raising and growing up with you, or your mother for taking care of you, or friend/significant other for the way they make you feel, those feelings others make you experience and feel are why you love them. Even after you may not feel those same feelings from another, or “losing feelings for another” for reasons or circumstances that happen, you can still love them because you simply choose to do so.

  22. Mickey
    I believe that love can is a very special emotio. A lot of good things come from love like marriage, relationships, familys, and connections. Which are all beautiful things. Love’s influence is deeper than any individual. Love can form global alliance, social structures, and communities. It promotes unity, empathy, and cooperation. Love is the strongest yet most complex emotion a person can feel. It has created the most changes in human history, with its influence on culture, ideologies, and ones general life experience. It is an emotion that has influenced many forms of art, music philosophy and literature. To this day love cant really be explained people don’t know why or how they fall in love most of the times it just happens, deep connections that are considered love don’t only have to be shared with a partner. It can be platonically like for family, friends, or pets. Love brings out a lot of good in people and often changes people for the better knowing they have someone else by their side or some who they want to make happy. Love can also be very bad which people don’t often talk about when mentioning the emotion. It can be confusing, challenging and even makes some people crazy. A lot of bad things that happen due to love are often ignored because people assume if its bad its not love. I believe that isn’t the case, love is such a strong feeling that I believe it doesn’t always have a positive reaction on people.

  23. Love at first may seem like such an easy thing to define. This word means a deep feeling of affection. But there is much more to this word then just the surface definition. Love can mean an abundance of things based on different situations and people. It can be feelings towards other beings, things, places, or ideas. This emotion can bring such joy in one’s life. While also leading to a great deal of pain. Love may lead to other intense feelings of anger or fear. Despite this, love is an essential emotion in human nature. It brings forth a sense of worth, passion, and comfort. Feeling loved is necessary for human life and provides in ways nothing else can. It is a learning experience and gives a chance for one to grow.
    To me, love is one of the most moving feelings in existence. I love my family, friends, pets, and many other things. Being around things I love gives me a feeling of warmth and comfort. Feeling loved is like nothing else in this world. I believe this is why showing this emotion is very important. In my opinion life is too short to not show this beautiful emotion, even if it may be very complex. Appreciating the things in life that I love is one of the most important things to do. My family give me the support and reassurance needed to get through difficult obstacles I run into.
    In the end, love will never be a word that has just one definite have meaning due to the complexity of the feelings involved.

  24. Mandeeps
    Love: The Essence of Human Connection
    Love, often referred to as a complex emotion, transcends its definition by intertwining with the essence of human connection. It’s a force that connects people, drives them to extraordinary lengths, and shapes the way we interact with each other. Love is not just a brief feeling but a great experience that resonates in our minds and hearts. It encompasses compassion, empathy, and selflessness, pushing us to extend ourselves beyond our comfort zones. It’s a universal language that knows no boundaries, bringing people together in times of joy and sadness.
    This belief in the power of love was set in stone for me during a volunteer mission to a remote village in india. During this mission I was accompanied by my mom with the set goal of providing the locals with electricity. The villagers, despite their limited resources, welcomed me and my mom with open arms and shared their stories of struggle and resilience. Their unwavering sense of community, their willingness to support one another, and the genuine smiles on their faces highlighted the depth of human connection that love can promote. Witnessing their strength in person, I realized that love isn’t just an abstract concept; it’s a tangible force that can transform lives.
    I honestly believe that love is the cornerstone of a meaningful and fulfilling life. Love is a key that we use to unlock purpose and happiness. Love allows us to bridge gaps, heal wounds, and create lasting bonds. This belief has influenced my daily actions, pushing me to extend kindness to those around me, to lend a helping hand whenever possible, and to strive for understanding even in moments of disagreement.
    In a world often spoiled by division and discord, my belief in the power of love guides me to compassion and empathy. By possessing love within ourselves and sharing it with others, we can help build a better world where understanding triumphs over judgment, where kindness prevails over cruelty. Love is peace, love is empathy, love is feeling another’s pain as our own.

    • This is a great way of describing love. Love should be used to create a better world! I enjoyed reading this. Nice work.

  25. Nyjia D.

    I believe that you’re stronger when you believe in yourself. growing up I was spoiled with love from family and friends, it raised me into a strong-willed young lady I was strong; independent. In my life I had encountered a false sense of love that deterred me from being my best self. It was deceitful, negative, and ugly something I couldn’t build my life around. This false sense of love made me feel weak in every way it made me dependent on any and everything. I pushed myself away from the people who made me strong, pushed away from myself until I was someone that I couldn’t recognize visually and mentally. The remnants of my childhood fought from within and I distanced myself from the toxicity that had negatively impacted me, I focused on myself more, as I reset my life, I found myself setting goals and believing that I could achieve them, I believed that I could get back to the girl that I had lost. I strived and put myself in positions to close the distances between my loved ones and my inner me. I believed in myself and have come out to become the best me I could become. In the time span of losing who I was due to the lack of confidence, I realized that I became someone I wouldn’t want to be because of someone other than myself, I was letting someone dictate my life and it was what showed me that believing in who I am believing in my strength was what made the younger version of me, me and the me I am now great.

    • Your story is very powerful and a good read. I’m glad you were able to work on yourself and even recognize you were in that situation to begin with. I hope it continues to get better for you, don’t let others get to you.

    • I can see how impactful your journey has been. Best of luck to you.

  26. hgauthieronofre

    August 16, 2023 at 4:33 am

    I grew up believing that love was only for my soulmate. Living life during my childhood and waiting to find the person of your dreams just to feel loved was a feeling that I would not wish on anyone. The feeling of a piece of me always being gone and not fully filled was always shattering to the young mind. As I started to grasp the concept of what love truly was, I started to search for it deeper and deeper. I started high school by keeping to myself and not allowing others to love me unless it was going to be my soulmate. Getting into my first real relationship completely drained me because there was no love in myself to give out to others. Giving my all to someone who couldn’t give an ounce back isn’t what love truly is, and knowing it deep down but not being able to have any control made me feel so powerless. While countless efforts to try to love myself while also giving my love to others felt like a war that never had an end, The moments of joy and peace in such chaos were when I was truly myself. During my relationship, I kept trying to think of the person I was before I met them. I was sad and lost, and my love was diminished. I came to terms with what is and what isn’t. My emotions deserve to come before any negative energy that is surrounding me. After a year and a half of second-guessing every left or right turn, any slight choice of being left if the wrong choice was made The realistic battle was dealing with abandonment issues that had started to develop due to a lack of love for myself. Not only was the end of the relationship nearing, but the start of my self-growth was just about to play the biggest role in my life. Love isn’t something that should be searched for or dug out from underneath by others. It’s a feeling of comfort and warmth to find in yourself. Without loving yourself, you aren’t able to give someone all of who you are and what you offer. The realization only occurred after the unfortunate events in my life. Fortunate enough, I have been able to not only grow as a person for myself but also as a better person for others around me. I believe in finding love that is rooted in your veins and peace of mind. Always understand the heart of yourself before you try to understand and put together other people’s hearts. Love has shown me what is important in my life. Given me the greatest opportunity to find myself and love me for who I am, not for what others love me for.

  27. Nicholas C
    Love itself has been a term people have used since the start of humanity. Love is boundless and holds no real perfect definition but can be found and seen in various ways. Love can be an action, words, feelings, etc. Love has its own definition that’s held to each person depending on that persons interests.

    When I put into consideration what I love I like to think the things that tend to come into your mind and bring me joy is what I love. An example of this love is for music. Even when music isn’t around songs and thoughts of me strumming a guitar at night captivate and excite me as if I’m a child learning how to ride a bike. My love is for music shows no bounds and comes in many different forms. I’m able to share my emotions with music through sadness, anger, happiness, etc. Music to me has been a guide into becoming a person with strong character. When I think about what I love I think about Music.

    I believe that there is no humanity without the ability to love. The opposite of love is indifference and there’s no meaning in life to someone who is indifferent to everything around them. I believe a perfect world allows everyone to not only love but also accept each other for what we love. This embracing one another’s character would make the world an abundantly better place. I hope everyone has something to love as much as I love music.

  28. I think love is awesome! Love brings people together and makes the world a brighter place. Sometimes love is so good it can’t even be fully explained, but it’s something we all want and hope for. Love can bring out the best in us, love can bring out the worst of us, teaching us, making us more compassionate, and willing to go the extra mile for someone we care about. It’s not always good and easy though. Their are bumpy roads and hard times but thats something a way love makes us stronger. It requires effort, understanding, and compromise.

  29. Love knows no language barriers. It doesn’t at all require physical affection nor even a pre-existing connection. Throughout my life, I’ve discovered the greatest satisfaction has come through extending my love to complete strangers. Since a young age, I was taught the importance of good manners and kindness in my daily actions, regardless of others’ appearances or circumstances.
    My mother instilled in me from a very young age, that we are not here to serve ourselves. We are here to serve one another- so that we can all become better as a whole. Sometimes, seemingly small acts of love, like holding a door, can alter the trajectory of someone’s day. More significantly, they can set off a chain reaction of spreading love, passing from one stranger to the next.
    While the aspirations of my childhood, aiming to “change the world,” have been left in the past, I have found a new purpose. My mission is to spread love, stranger to stranger. Our world finds itself in what I would like to call a ‘divided’ era, and I believe that some form of unification should be a greater concern. After all, maybe all that is needed to change the world could be started by a simple act of love.
    So go out and spread it 🙂

  30. Love can be classified as many things to different people. It can be presented as a feeling you get when your around someone you really care for. It can be an object that you have an emotional attachment to. Regardless, Love is something that can’t be measured and is endless when it comes to whatever you deem worthy of that feeling. Some people are unable to physically function without that thing that they love. For example, I have a strong love for everything music. Listening, playing, they all bring that same feeling to me. Without music, I don’t know where I would be in this world. It may seem like such a small and miniscule concept, but really it is an infinite feeling that has no bounds.

    • I truly enjoyed reading your blog entry. I think it was beautifully written and had an amazing story. I agree that love is a key that we use to unlock our pure happiness and a true purpose. It is an important that we experience love throughout relationships with the people around us as it grows real connections.

  31. Ashley Troetsch
    Summer Project

    I believe in the love of friendships. I grew up with a mother who didn’t believe in them from past experiences. She always crushed the idea of friendships whenever I brought it to light. Although her words are realistic about friends, I believe it is not accurate with true friends. Meeting mine truly took time because there are two types of people in the world, good people and bad people. In my middle school, the students began to befriend me and ask all sorts of questions. I have always been quiet until I am spoken to but I’d only call them friends and think the way my mom had thought. Until I met my first best friend, Fantasia. I was watching a video in my science class but I could not hear because there was a loud troublemaker girl. So, I respectfully asked her if she could please lower her voice but she took offense to it and started to threaten me and disrespected me. Naturally, I had to defend myself because my teacher was not there. However, it started to become overwhelming because all of the troubled girl’s friends began to back her up and I had no one until Fantasia spoke up for me and told them to leave me alone. Afterwards, she began to invite me to her lunch table and that’s how our journey began. Now, we have been friends for 6 years and she has always been there, laughing, crying, and getting worried with me. Love of friendship.

  32. I was in the foster care system for a few years when I was younger. Growing up in the foster system I felt unloved. Bouncing from home to home, I never had a true family to call my own, never had parents to teach me the lessons of the world, and never had a traditional and stable childhood. At times it felt like I was unwanted and unloveable, which led me to believing I was the problem. However, I quickly found love in a place I didn’t quite expect, community. Whether it’s in our friends, our neighborhoods, or our larger communities, communal love has the power to transform lives and make the world a better place. The community also has extraordinary power to unify people in a world constantly trying to divide them. Without the numerous impactful teachers, mentors, and friends, I wouldn’t be who I am today, and while it is impossible to truly repay them I can by showing the same type of love and kindness as they did to me. When we open our hearts to one another, we create a world that is more beautiful, understanding, and more loving.

  33. Love isn’t just considered romantically; you can love someone in many different ways. There is love between a parent and a child, love for a game or activity, love for pets, you don’t necessarily have to be in love to love something. However, all of these have a different kind of love, a different feeling that drives through our bodies, and a unique passion that races through our mind. When you are in love with someone, it’s as if just their smile makes you feel a rush of happiness and their laugh makes you feel warm and safe. Yeah, there is no such thing as the perfect relationship that you read in books or watch in movies because regardless of everything relationships have their ups and downs, you fight, you cry, but in the end, it comes down to what matters more, the little thing you fight about or the future you can’t wait to have with that person. The emotions that we feel can inspire us to know what we want and what we care most about.

    • I agree that there are many different ways to love the people that are most important to you and be shown in many different forms. Many different experiences throughout your life you can feel love and happiness. I believe some of the best love is in the little things that you can do by yourself to explore your deeper meaning.

  34. Love is the strongest emotion known to man-kind. It is impossible not to love; Whether or not it’s friends, family, animals, or even an inanimate object. Every single person on this planet has experienced love in some way. One of the greatest things about these endearments is they can be depicted in a multitude of ways, and there is not just one single thing to love. A person can love various things about one person, or they can love all their relatives, pets and friends. There are different types of love. Some can be seen as charming and alluring, while other types of love can be detailed as heart-breaking and earth-shattering. When I read all these romantic love stories and watch all these movies, somehow, the majority of the time it all ends happily. However, looking at the relationships I have seen in my lifetime, I know that not all love is happy. I feel as though love is always portrayed as a warm-lighthearted thing; getting flowers and showing affection to those you care about. However, I believe that not all love is shown this way. Love is tough, Love is hard, Love is not easy. Love could be someone providing the food on your table. Love could be letting go of the person you care about most to see them succeed. I believe love is love, and with life comes love. There are different types of love, and that type may depend on the person it is coming from.

    • After reading your response to what love means to you, I became very intrigued. It makes me wonder if you believe love is a choice or a feeling? I state this question because, towards the end of your blog post you state that loving a person can mean that you have to let go of them in order for you to succeed and for the other person to succeed. In that case your choosing to lose the person you love most in order for them to reach their goals and succeed in a new aspect of their life. I believe love is patient and kind. Everyday you choose to love the people you love and you show them that love within your actions.

    • Yes! You worded this so well. Love is beautiful but love takes fighting worth and it is not always easy. Yet, love is one of the best feelings humans can experience.

  35. Love is foolish. It can be the most healing power in the world, but it can also be the most painful. Throughout my life, I have had a difficult relationship with love. I find that I often give more love than I receive. I set too many unrealistic expectations because I want to believe that deep down, everyone is capable of being good and kind. I tend to forget that just because I would do anything for a person, it does not mean that they would do the same. Everytime I am hurt by a failed love, I tell myself that it will be the last time. That I will never make the mistake of blindly loving anyone ever again. However, I never see this through. I have love for every person I form a connection with and, nine out of ten times, I am left disappointed by my unfulfilled expectations for them. Lately, I have been torn on the subject of love. How could you have so much love for someone and not have them reciprocate the feeling in return? Mustn’t knowing how much an individual cares for you have some impact on the way you feel towards them? Truthfully, I do not think I will ever know the answer to the question. Love is a mystery. Love is foolish, but it is also the heart of life. Without love, our lives would be flat and full of isolation. I believe that love, in its very nature, is the human experience. So for this reason, no matter how many times I get hurt, I do not mind being a fool.

  36. Kelcey almeida

    I believe that love out of all other emotions is the strongest feeling humans can have and can make us feel many emotions. Love can be found in anything and comes differently to each and every one of us. Love is a very general word and can mean many things, in my opinion it brings a lot to the table. Love is hard, easy, happy, sad, exciting, and even scary. There are things we love and cherish within our lives and would not be the same without them, and if we do end up losing them we can become heartbroken, sad, and even lost within ourselves. When we love something we feel as though we can depend on it which is the reason we feel so strongly when we lose it.
    This is because love has such a way of overtaking us. We think about love all the time. When people are happy, it’s because they love what we are doing at that moment. Most people want to be happy, and happiness is found in love. This doesn’t just mean in people it can be found in work, hobbies, sports, and so much more. People who love the gym go because it makes them happy. People who look to cook tend to become chefs and work in restaurants because that is what makes them happy. Whether it’s our love for school, our family, a partner, or ourselves love is all around us, it is quite literally in the air.

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