UMassD Believes 2023

Summer Writing Project

Role Models

What do you believe about role models?

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  1. I believe that role models are people who don’t have to be great at what they’re doing. But have to be passionate about it. I strongly believe a role model does what others don’t. They push the boundaries of what you thought was good and they are all the way supportive of helping their peers. A role model demonstrates perfect leadership and love for what they do, And not just that, but they show love to the people around them too. For example. A role model could be my mother. She’s helped me through my life wirbout the blink of an eye. And because of that I’ve looked up to her since I can remember. She’s a person in my life who I strive to be and try to mimic. Life has thrown her curveballs and unpredictable circumstances but she has persevered and done everything the right way. Now a role model is different for every person and to some they have multiple, but for me I believe that a role model leaves a mark on others to spread on and on.

    • Julia M
      I believe that role models can be anyone around you that inspires you. Most people would consider a role model to be an older peer or someone with more life experience. Personally, I feel that someone as young as a child could play the part of a role model. Even a child can overcome obstacles and inspire others to be better every day and try to be your best self in every way possible.

      I grew up in a split family household. That was never easy as a young kid so naturally I looked up to my sister who had her own way of dealing with these types of situations. I wanted to be her in every way possible. I wanted to act like she did, talk like she did, and respond to problems like she did. Unfortunately, for my younger self, I was my own person and had to figure out how to grow and respond accordingly to things on my own. Nevertheless, my sister was always, subconsciously, right by my side guiding me through life. She inspired me to go farther away to college and figure out how to do this complex thing called life, on my own. I will never be able to thank her enough for being my role model and showing me that there is more to life than just what goes on within the walls of your home. She continues to be my role model today even though she is over one hundred miles away from me.

  2. Damoni P.

    I believe that everyone needs role models in their lives, regardless of the circumstances. I believe that everyone can think of someone who is strong in more than one way. You should be able to follow your role models without them giving you any explicit instructions. Having role models can help you in your daily activities as well as in things like school, college, and other things. I would say that, in terms of my social life, my mother is without a doubt my role model. This is a result of her dedication to her goals and the way she approaches accomplishing them.

    Role models have a major and transformative impact on education and daily life because they offer crucial guidance, inspiration, and motivation. A good role model can help you succeed in college on both a personal and intellectual level. They exhibit dedication, tenacity, and hard work while highlighting the advantages of consistent effort. Role models can help students succeed in managing the challenges of higher education by providing advice on time management, study methods, and goal setting. By analyzing their achievements and mistakes, people can develop a greater sense of direction and purpose, which will keep them on course to meet their own objectives.

    In other words, role models have a big impact on both college experiences and regular life events. Their mentoring has an impact on academic achievement, personal growth, and moral judgment. Persons can mold their own pathways, overcome obstacles more skillfully, and develop into well-rounded, successful people by taking inspiration from those who have achieved success through grit and devotion.

  3. Kyle S
    Role models play a significant role in our lives which can influence our choices. They are a source of inspiration, guidance, and motivation. Although many argue that role models are essential for personal growth and development. They believe that having someone to look up to can provide a sense of direction and purpose. Role models can demonstrate the values, skills, and attitudes necessary for success in various aspects of life. By emulating their behavior, individuals can strive to achieve similar goals and overcome obstacles. When you’re a role model for others you need to be cautious of their actions as it can lead to bad decisions. Although relying too heavily on others achievements may limit creativity. Instead of following someone else’s path, It’s best to create their own unique journey based on personal interests and passions. It’s an important part of life to look up to role models because most of the time they can lead you to the correct path in life.. No matter who is a role model, it is crucial to recognize that everyone has different sources of inspiration. Whether it be a family member, teacher, or public figure, these individuals have qualities worth admiring. Ultimately, the belief about role models depends on an individual’s values, and understanding of themselves. Role models inspire us to set ambitious goals and strive for greatness. Their achievements serve as proof that success is attainable through hard work and dedication. When we see someone who has overcome obstacles or achieved great things, it motivates us to believe in ourselves and reach for our full potential.

  4. Inspiring role models are essential in our lives because they show us the way to success and personal development. They include a wide variety of people, from well-known public personalities to unsung heroes in our neighborhoods. Role models serve as examples not just via their accomplishments but also through their morals, ethics, and fortitude in the face of adversity. We can navigate our own objectives and conundrums by paying attention to their travels. Our goals are sparked by role models, who inspire us to go above and beyond our comfort zones and pursue perfection. Their experiences serve as a reminder that achievement is possible with commitment, tenacity, and a clear sense of purpose. In a world that is undergoing fast change, having positive role models is essential. Role models have a significant impact on our ambitions, attitudes, and actions. These people, whether from our own life, history, or modern culture, provide inspiration and direction. A role model represents traits and accomplishments that we appreciate, providing a concrete example of what is achievable. They inspire us to strive for excellence, to persist in the face of adversity, and to defend the ideas that are most important to us. We acquire insight into the pathways we may pursue to achieve our own goals by witnessing others travels and triumphs. Role models not only provide us with guidance, but they also remind us of the potential for good effect that everyone of us possesses.

    • I agree that role models are important for making paths to success and create learning experiences. I think it’s important that role models are here to remind up when we aren’t our strongest and create a good imagine for us.

  5. Alexandre P.

    What is a role model? The google definition of a role model is someone who inspires others to imitate his or her good behavior, role models are usually someone you respect or admire. Role models often push and inspire you to strive success, personal growth, and positive change, just over all become a better version of yourself. I don’t think have a singular role model, I have 4 main role models and I like to divide them into 2 groups, The ones who I’ve met in real life and interacted with, and those with a social impact on the world. My role models that I’ve met in real life are my dad and grandfather, these two aren’t my role models because of money or material values even though they are both financially stable, they are my role models because of their personality, empathy towards others and how they are able to cheer everyone in the rooms they walk in. Both of them are soldiers because they’ve through a lot but they don’t show it because they don’t want you to feel bad they want you to have a great time with them. So I want to be like them because I want to be able to put a smile on everybody’s face who I interact with because you never know what someone is going through. My other 2 role models are those with a world wide effect on others, Kai Cenat and Polo G. Even though these 2 are very different I look up to both of them. Kai Cenat is my role model because he represents who I wanna be in life, I’ve been consistently watching Kai Cenat since late august 2021 and as of right now he is the worlds biggest streamer/youtuber, he is entertaining and funny there always some going on in his streams or YouTube videos, so you’ll never catch yourself bored. I want to get into YouTube/streaming and entertainment world so I look up to Kai for that. On the other hand we got Polo G. Polo G is a rapper, even though Kai and Polo G have different personalities Polo G is my role model because of what he says in his songs. Polo G talks about personal experiences, struggles, and emotions. He also touches on social issues which often nowadays rappers don’t touch on. Polo G is genuine and open in his music that allows me to connect with his music on a deeper level plus is very relatable. I’ve first listened to Polo G in 2018 but he didn’t became my favorite rapper up until early 2020 right before he dropped his second album “GOAT”. Polo G just announced today that he’s dropping an album on September 15th called “Hood Poet” and very excited to listen to it.

    • I totally agree!! a lot of artists have been role models for people for so long and every new upcoming artist has someone who is looking up to them and just knowing that helps them in their music career so much as it is.

  6. Tatiana A.

    What is a role model ?

    I feel as though a role model is not alway’s a celebrity. I feel like a role model is someone that can be in your family such as your mother, siblings, grandmother, aunts, etc. Me personally my mother is my role model because she used to work a lot for example night shifts. There were times I barely got to see her when I was little. Now she has a better schedule since she has been a police officer for 22 year. She also just got promoted to detective a year ago which I’m so proud of for. She’s been my role model since I was little. She had my back when no one really did , she comforted me when I was sad etc. This is why I believe role models can’t be just from celebrity’s or political people it can be anyone, for example your neighbor or your best friend.

    • I100% agree with you! Many people idolize famous people and only consider them to be examples of role models, which doesn’t let them see the prime examples that they have in their lives. When looking at my circle of role models I can agree that my mom is definitely at the top of that list. She has always made sure she provided for me and I can only hope to someday be at least half of the person she is.

    • I agree with you Tatiana. Although I do not have the same reasoning on why my mother is a role model to me, we both have the same mindset. I think that most people look up to celebrities, even though they do not always make the best decisions for themselves.

    • I agree. I’ve always looked up to my mother. She always comforted me when I needed it the most. My biggest supporter when I was playing sports or joining a club. I believe when people think of role models they think of celebrities but I disagree also. She never fails to put a smile on my face and I don’t think a celebrity can do that. Another role model for me is my sister because she has always strived for greatness and gives me the motivation to work hard. Thank you for sharing.

    • I agree with you! People often think they have to look up to public figures as role models when it can be someone in your family. It is often the people in your close circle who make the biggest impact in your life, so you should be able to see them as role models. I also see my mother as my role model because of all she has done to provide for my siblings and I.

  7. Madelyn A
    Role Model
    A role model to me is someone you look up to no matter what. The person who inspires you to strive for the better always. The person who motivates you from day to day. The person who gives you a helping hand to all the goals in your life to watch you succeed in them just like they did. Every person should have a role model in their life because they are someone whom we look upon , respect and aspire to be like. The reason I believe in role models is because of my mom. She has been there for me every step of the way and I aspire to be just like her. She is nowhere near selfish because that isn’t what a role model is. They are a person who always strives to be better not only for themselves but for the people around them and who they surround themselves with. But the thing that makes them so important is that they do it so effortlessly, they are just themselves. I consider her a role model because she has positively influenced not only my life but my siblings, friends and family. She’s smart, wise, ambitious, patient and the most caring person. Your role model does not need to be a parent but everyone should have someone to look up to whether it be an actress or athlete. Everyone deserves to be shown what a true role model is. They are not just being used for their occupation but for everything they do and accomplish in life.

    • I completely agree with all the aspects you included in what a role model is. Your mom definitely contains all the of those characteristics. I think it’s so special that your mom is your role model.

  8. Dillon H

    I believe that Role Models are vital to unlocking the best version of ourselves. Role Models are generally Older figures that contribute to our beliefs and values. They play a crucial part in the development of who you become.

    One of the main reasons role models are essential is because they set an example for us to follow, They tend to demonstrate positive qualities that we end up recognizing and copying. Most role models are successful, and that is what drives us to become as successful as them. Furthermore, role models can be used as inspiration or someone who keeps us going. The stories we hear about our role models persevering and overcoming setbacks drive us to be the best we can. We often relate the challenges we face, with our role models’ challenges. Role Models provide us with guidance in all aspects. Role models know what is best for you even if you may not like it. Although they can boost our confidence and encourage us to be our best, there are certainly times when most need to be humbled and brought down to earth. Knowing you have somebody believing in you can help tremendously and help with growth. Having role models is essential for kids growing up.

    In Conclusion, having positive role models is essential for personal growth and development. They repeatedly guide us through difficult times, motivate us with success stories, and encourage us with their words. They unknowingly guide us to become better individuals.

    • I definitely agree. A strong role model in your life as a young kid is very important to a person’s development. Observing the actions of a role model can leave a large impact on a person and shape who they are.

    • I absolutely agree that role models are vital for positive growth, especially for young children. I also agree that we can relate our own experiences to those that our role models experience. This helps build a stronger connection between the two and help both the role model and the individual grow as people.

  9. When it comes to personal values, my grandpa is the first thing that comes to mind. After my father passed away, all I had was my grandpa as that father figure in my life. He was the one that taught me these things I wished my father taught me. But since I was a young boy and had no real realization of the world as a whole, he couldn’t. So my grandpa stepped in and whenever I needed that assistance, he would help. He’s also the person I would go to for sports games. Watching the Patriots with him on Sunday nights made me feel like he was my father. Car trouble? He was there. And he was the one that got me into the major I chose. Teaching me how the electric box works and having me help him fix it was inspiring almost. Currently we are building a small barn together every once in a while, and it’s some of the most fun I’ve had. What I’m trying to convey is I value his time and him stepping in when nobody could or would. To me having that kind of person in my life has changed my view on my childhood and how people acted. Seeing those things in a different light showed me how to value those close to you. He’s my role model and will always be my number one for as long as he’s here with me.

    • This is very beautiful. Hold onto him tight and cherish every moment.

    • This is such a heartfelt writing piece, I’m glad you are able to find someone who can comfort you through hard times. I hope you continue to grow your relationship with your grandfather.

  10. Daniel Knowlton

    I believe that role models are someone or a group of people that hold themselves, or more precisely. held by us at a level that we aspire to reach in some specific regard. They are someone that we hold on a pedestal higher than ourselves and often higher above others as well. Role models can provide you with a positive perspective on life. They can help you see the good in people and the potential for good in yourself. As a football player, I look up to role models as a way to better myself as an overall athlete, by training in similar ways, and having a similar play style in order to help my team win. These role models are people I can watch and study to help better myself as a football player. I see having role models as a positive thing because people should have someone to look up to for reference for whatever reason. When we find someone to look up to and admire, we are challenged, encouraged, and enlightened. However, there can be positive and negative role models. Positive role models are kind and honest. They work hard, are knowledgeable, and share their expertise with those around them. Positive role models boost motivation by providing a guide to achieving success. Negative influences at work are the people you’re best staying away from. Negative role models are unfriendly, uncooperative, and like to complain about anything and everything.

  11. I believe that role models are important to have to look up to throughout your life and a way to inspire you to reach your goals in life. Whether it is a long term goal like a career or short-term goal

  12. What is a role model?

    Role models are people who have certain traits, behaviors, or achievements that we see and would like to incorporate into our own personalities. They serve as sources of inspiration, motivation and guidance while also being sources of comfort and consolation. Role Models can be anyone in your life that you see characteristics that you strive to also obtain. They could be a parent, a teacher, a coach, a friend, a teammate etc. Although role models may come in different shapes and sizes, a role model is still someone that you look up to and respect dearly.

    Who is my role model?

    When I’m asked about my role model, my mind instantly dashes to my father. He has been the rock and shield of my entire life. He has always been a source of inspiration and motivation for me, while always being someone I can look towards whenever I am in need of advice or guidance. I have always been able to call my father my role model but I don’t call him my role model because he is tall or strong but I call him my role model because he is a man deeply rooted in his values. When I look at my father, an immigrant from Africa, I see a strong and resilient man who had no choice but to work hard to make it in this country. When I think back to his decision to even immigrate to America, with no family or friends to support him, I am left speechless by his determination, perseverance and bravery because there was no guarantee for him that he was going to make it here but he has worked and suffered to build everything he has today. It’s because of this that I look towards my father because each and every day, I strive to be more like him which means each and every day I strive to be more resilient, brave and determined and there will never be a doubt that crosses my mind that my father won’t be there to help become the best version of myself.

  13. Role models are like guiding stars that show us how to become the best version of ourselves. I strongly believe they are like shining lights, helping us find our way to success and personal growth.

    To me, a role model is more than just someone we look up to from afar. They are real people who show us the values, achievements, and good qualities we want to have. Their journeys, which are full of determination and strength, remind us that if we work hard and stay dedicated, we can achieve success too. When we hear about their experiences dealing with tough times, we learn valuable lessons about facing challenges and turning obstacles into stepping stones toward our goals.

    Role models come from all walks of life – they can be great in academics, sports, arts, or even in making positive changes in the world. This variety teaches us that we don’t have to be the same to make a big impact. We can find inspiration from different role models, each adding something special to what we want to achieve.

    But it’s important to know that role models aren’t perfect. They make mistakes and face difficulties just like everyone else. This reminds us that it’s okay to have setbacks; they’re a normal part of the journey. What really matters is how we get back up and keep going.

    In conclusion, I believe in role models because they show us the way, give us courage, and remind us that we have incredible potential. They prove that anyone can achieve greatness if they work hard and don’t give up. Role models guide us toward our dreams, no matter how tough the road may seem.

  14. What do I believe a role model is? I believe a role model is someone who can set a great example for those that are inspired to do great things in the future. A person will look up to this person and want to be as close to their likeness as possible. Role models help shape the future allowing those to push past their normal boundaries and achieve what they dream of doing. role models could even be someone you know like a friend wanting to be like them because they can do so many things. The role models that I have had have helped me get to where I am today by helping me stay focused to go on and achieve what I’ve dreamt of. It has done the same for many others as well. A prole model can fit under many categories like maybe a favorite tv star, YouTuber, or athlete the list is endless. If I had to name one person to be my role model I think it would be my mom. When I was growing up she worked all day to give me and my sister nice things. She didn’t regularly have help but always went out of her way to get us things. She has inspired me to go on and achieve my dreams so that in the future I can take care of her. This is what i Believe a role model is and how they help people achieve their goals.

  15. Ethan H.

    Role Models

    A role model is a person who is valued as trustworthy and helps with the transfer of information from person to person. Role models and the influence of role models can be seen in all aspects of one’s life, as all knowledge was once taught by a person of value, or role model. Teachers are a common example of role models, as their foremost job is to pass on information to their students. With that being said, If students disregarded the information passed on by teachers, that teacher would no longer be viewed as a role model. The change occurs as the teacher is no longer viewed as a person of value, causing the Student to overlook the efforts on behalf of the teacher.

    Teachers are not the only role models in a person’s life. Valued people like parents and Bosses play a key role in passing on information and lessons that are not taught in a book. Whether it be learning to tie a shoe or teaching a more efficient way to complete a job, these role models provide guidance in order to help ease the passage of information to another person. Role models ease the passage of information by not only giving verbal instructions but also providing support and knowledge of the situation should there be any hiccups in the learning process.

    The role model with the most influence in my life is my family. Not only did my parents show me basic functions like tying my shoe, but they also helped me do larger tasks like filing taxes, which is now knowledge I will have forever. This information passed to me by relatives will not only allow me to be more independent but also allow me to help others with my knowledge to make my peers more knowledgeable. All in all, role models help with the transfer of knowledge to not only make life easier for others but to help prevent poor decision-making due to a lack of education. These valued people not only support those who wish to learn but also help the progression of education in order to make a smarter and more prepared population.

  16. Zachary A.

    A role model is someone that you aim to be. Someone who inspires you to do your best and to become the best you that you can be. A role model could be anyone from a parent, to a friend, or a favorite character from a T.V. show that you like. Someone who you want to see in yourself. Whether you agree with their ideals or you idolize their accomplishments, the idea of this person makes you want to succeed and improve yourself in some meaningful way.
    Role models are an incredibly invaluable tool for everyone, especially children who are still learning all the time and need that guiding light of someone to look up to and to inspire them to grow.
    My biggest role models have always been my mom and dad. When I was younger, my mom did everything in her power to help me and my siblings learn everything we could and to prepare us for the world, and someday, I hope to have her ability to persevere during hard times and to always put on a strong face in difficult situations.
    My dad has worked very hard to support my siblings and me and continues to help us to grow every day to help us to become the best versions of ourselves. One of my biggest aspirations is to have the same level of calmness and mindfulness that he always has, even in hard and stressful times, and I hope that as I become older and wiser, I too can help be a good role model for my younger siblings to help them develop into the amazing people that I know they will be one day.

  17. What is a role model?

    Role models are people who you look up to, who inspire you, someone who you respect and who you someday want to be. role models serve as a source of inspiration and provide people with the tangible examples of success. people become more motivated and with the right motivation people can overcome anything strive to become more successful and reach their full potential in whatever they are doing, when they have someone to look up to and admire. My role model is my brother because he works for what he wants to become and i know if i ever need anything I can count on him, he’s not just a role model to me he’s a mentor he makes sure I’m doing the best thing possible for myself he pushes me in everything making sure I don’t go as hard as i can go. that’s why he’s my role model and my mentor but most importantly he’s my brother and that’s one thing that will never change. in conclusion, In a world brimming with diverse challenges and opportunities, role models stand as guiding lights, illuminating paths to success, self-discovery, and societal advancement. Their influence extends beyond personal admiration; they mold the aspirations of individuals. Their influence extends beyond individual inspiration to shaping values, norms, and progress on a larger scale. As individuals continue to seek inspiration and guidance, the importance of role models remains undiminished in the ongoing journey of personal and collective advancement. thank you for giving me this opportunity to share this with you.

  18. Steven Jean Louis
    Role Models
    In my life, I’ve always had a role model. From tv shows to comic to basketball players and they all had the same in common. they all had me say I wanted to be like them someday. Probably everyone as a kid or even now still has a role model., and that’s why they are so important. Role models play a huge role in shaping peoples especially kids and their lives, aspirations, and goals. Role models are people that people look up to. Some may be good some may be bad, but everyone can say that they’ve had a role model in their lives. One thing that makes role models important is how much role models impact to the development of people. When I see my role model it makes me want to have goals to strive to be like my role model. Observing the success and accomplishments of role models can boost a person’s self-confidence. It helps people believe in their potential and encourages them to take on challenges they might have otherwise stay away from. To wrap it up role models influence decision-making, Development, Mindset, Motive, Communication and many more. When confronted with conflict or life decisions we may reflect on how our role models would handle similar situations. they offer a roadmap that people want to follow to be like their role model. Role models teach us resilience, shape our character, and guide our decisions. Thank You
    Steven Jean Louis

  19. Michael S.

    My role model is Mark Gianno, certified public accountant of his own accounting firm and a self made entrepreneur. He put himself through 4 years of college at Umass Amherst and grad school at Northeastern. He taught me that being hardworking and inquisitive are two qualities that can profoundly shape your life, guiding you towards growth, success, and personal fulfillment. His advice has not only driven me to achieve my goals but has also transformed the way I perceive and interact with the world around me.

    Since I was a boy, my innate curiosity has fueled my inquisitiveness, propelling me to explore the unknown and seek deeper understanding in every facet of life. This thirst for knowledge drives me to constantly ask questions, challenge assumptions, and delve into subjects that pique my interest. Being inquisitive has enabled me to discover new passions like understanding the nature of business and commerce, as well as networking, collaborating, and entrepreneurship.

    Coupled with my inquisitiveness, my unwavering dedication to being hardworking amplifies my achievements. Through consistent and diligent effort, I am able to convert my aspirations into tangible outcomes. For example, I have become a young business owner and accounting assistant, which are opportunities that the average teenage boy would not take advantage of. The hours I invest, the challenges I overcome, and the setbacks I persevere through all contribute to a sense of accomplishment that only hard work can bring. This work ethic not only enhances my productivity but also serves as a source of motivation for those around me.

    Being hardworking and inquisitive is a dynamic duo that fosters continuous self-improvement. It instills discipline, resilience, and adaptability, enabling me to navigate life’s twists and turns with grace. These qualities have not only opened doors to professional advancement but have also enriched my personal experiences, fostering a deeper appreciation for the world’s wonders.

  20. Logan W
    What do I believe about role models? Role models are an essential part of life, most people who are successful usually attribute their success to someone in their life they looked up to like a family member or sports player they admired. There is no one type of role model, I believe that a role model could be anyone who you believe to have helped you become a better person. Some people’s role models they never meet in person, for example one of my friends’ role models is Kyrie Irving, someone who I do not believe he has met in person. Other people’s role models could be their parents or even a close friend. Sometimes people’s role models are fictional characters. Some examples of good traits a role model should have (not every role model has to have these traits) are caring, and kind. Role models are good to have because they can help people strive to be better and want to succeed at their goals. Connor McDavid is a good role model for young hockey players due to his skill and leadership ability, his skill because he shows people that they can still strive to be great players. Another example of a good role model would be Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson. A reason for this is that he is humble and how he helped show humility by donating millions to the actors striving for better conditions. Another good role model for Chuck Norris would be that he joined the air force and served his country. He also, with his wealth, helped found a charity that gave free martial arts to children.

    • Isaiah Evans

      I enjoyed reading your essay. I liked the part in which you gave an example to back up your statement such as how “Some people’s role models they never meet in person” and you said that your friend’s role model is Kyrie Irving. I also enjoyed how you were able to name different celebrities and stated how each individual one could be someone’s potential role model.

  21. Brady Merlino

    Role models are an essential piece in the early development any young persons life. Life is often times frustrating, confusing and difficult to navigate for young people. These difficulties are where a role model can be of service. Nobody can understand what your going through like a person who has experienced the same thing. When going through difficulties in life, a mentee can look to a role model for advice. Nobody can make it through life alone. Everybody needs help, everybody needs a shoulder to lean on. Without proper guidance it is easy to lose sight of your goals, go down the wrong path, or make poor decisions. Because of this, I believe every person with a goal their working towards should have a role model. From the other side, being a role model is one of the most rewarding positions a person can hold. While it does not benefit the mentor as it is a selfless act, passing on the information you have to the next generation is rewarding due to the fact that you are able to leave your mark in aiding you mentee. Role models can also be of aid as they can be used as a north star to help gauge decisions. Even when their not giving advice you can still look at how they live their lives and navigate difficulties and incorporate thoes techniques in to your own life. Without a role model it is easy for people to become beat down by life and feel lost.

  22. Tamera F
    I believe that role models are an essential part of growing up. To me a role model is someone who had an influence on someones life, Whether it’s positive or negative. They are a person you can look towards in a hard situation. When we’re older we often look back at our younger selves, and see we all learned our behaviors from somewhere. Whether they are good or bad we pick up traits from someone that we looked up to or was our caregiver. Commonly our caregiver is our role model. But that’s not always the case. It could be a teacher, a celebrity, or even a family friend. When we think of role model we idolize this person. At one point you might even become obsessed with this them. You want to be like them and be as successful as them because you admire them. This is why it’s so easy to pick up on there traits. I do feel like some people don’t have role models, but they have examples of what they don’t want to be like. Growing up you may have had someone that you wanted to be nothing like. Which pushed you to become the person you are. Even though they aren’t a role model they played a role in your life that created your character, your personality, and shaped you to become who you are. Role models also change as we grow and experience different things in our lives. When we’re younger we often look towards our parents as role models. And during or teenage years we usually look up to celebrities our someone we see on social media. While we grow our perception of our role models change.

    • Tamera, I like how you incorporated the negative role models into your discussion. Growing up I definitely had both positive and negative role models and seeing you recognize that side to things really wowed me.

  23. nrodriguezcordon

    August 24, 2023 at 7:45 pm

    A role model is someone who has a significant impact on others in the way think and or act. All role models even bad ones, commonly have desirable traits that in general most people want, like intelligence, high self esteem, charisma and so on.
A good role model is important for everyone to have as they’re growing up. For a lot of people those role models were their parents, learning responsibility and work ethic from a father and mother who do everything they can to provide for their family. 
But not everyone has parents to be a role model for them or maybe they have one of their parents, but they spend most of their time trying to provide—which might not give them enough time to be the best example of a good role model. In these situations, people look elsewhere for someone to look up to like maybe someone in their community or a celebrity or sometimes even a fictional character. Whoever someone ends up finding their role model it always ends up having a profound affect on who they are as a person. Kids learn by repeating what they see and hear from others, I believe that everyone should strive to be a good role model. Because anything we do or say positive or negative, could be learned by someone else. Now I’m not saying you should always censor and micromanage everything you say, but what I am saying is to not be a prick… it might be rub on others.

    • I could not agree more! Everyone has a role model, whether it be a parental figure or another person. I also agree when you say children repeat the actions of their role models, which helps to illustrate the necessity for quality role models in the lives of children.

  24. I believe that role models are a big part in someone’s life. You look up to someone when you’re in need of help or just try to find yourself within someone else. My role model personally is a girl on my team because she is really good and I strive to be like her one day. by being able to look up to someone, it really helps me become who I want to be in the future. It gives me a better understanding of goals I want to set for myself. being able to find a person in your life when you can look up to as a role model is really important for younger kids especially to be able to figure out a good person to look up too. without a strong role model in someone’s life they have the potential to get lost with no structure. having a sturdy path and a role model. Having a role model is important because they can inspire and guide us to become better versions of ourselves. Role models are important because they can provide guidance, inspiration, and serve as positive examples to emulate.Looking up to someone is good because it allows us to learn from their experiences and qualities, motivating us to strive for personal growth. Having an older person to look up to is important because they have more life experience and wisdom to share. They can offer guidance and provide valuable insights that can help us navigate through various challenges in life.

  25. I believe role models come in many forms, for me my role model has always been my big brother Willdan. It all started when i was old enough to walk I remember following him around the house and copying his every move and he hated it. I then started to talk and act like him and to this day people still say that me and him are the same person. Willdan taught me many things from how to drive to how to cope with a breakup or how to make the worlds most delicious sandwich. I feel like Willdan connects with me in a way that my parents couldn’t, he’s been through most of what i’ve been through so he always has some valuable insight. Sometimes I don’t even want to hear advice I just need someone to vent to or a shoulder to cry on and he’s been there every single time. However as much as i love a role model to look up to i end up putting lots of pressure on myself to attempt to make him proud and if i fall short i end up feeling upset or like a failure. Willdan has always reassured me that i’m doing great and that he’s always been proud of me and i will always appreciate that. This helped me learn that he isn’t some shape that i have to mold into, I just have to give whatever i’m doing my all and continue to follow my heart. I believe a role model isn’t someone you should become, you should learn and study their mistakes while celebrating their victories. What’s even better is that he learns from my experiences too so we both end up being teachers and students to each other.

    • I think this is a great example of how much we really look up to our role models. It also shows that they can teach you how to deal with the good and bad in life.

  26. What is a role model? I believe that the word role model is just another way of saying an example of, or someone who sets an example. The views and goals of people are greatly influenced by their role models. These role models act as sources of motivation that show the way to social and personal development. An individual’s growth is significantly impacted by their beliefs about their role models.

    First, is that role models provide relevant examples of achievements. People learn about the mindsets that have led to success when they look up to others who have achieved greatness. This is inspiring people to make big plans and put forth endless effort to achieve their goals.

    Role models can also encourage creativity and imagination. Individuals are motivated to think outside the box when they see people who they look up to challenging themselves and succeeding.

    I personally would like to be a role model to those who are younger and need a relevant source of motivation when they feel that they can’t do something. I feel like I would be a relevant source of motivation because I grew up in modern society. One of my biggest role models is my dad because he has done very well while also living a very fun and exciting life which is what my goal is.

    In conclusion, a person’s goals, values, and personal growth can be changed by their belief in the influence of role models. While role models offer inspiration and direction, it’s important to have realistic expectations to get ideal results.

  27. Role models are an interesting topic to discuss. They can appear in all shapes and sizes. Some people may credit two or more people as their role models; some may not even have one. But I believe that a role model, whether it is a person or not, is crucial to any success story.
    I have multiple role models. As a college athlete and lifelong Patriots fan, it’s easy to look up to Tom Brady. He taught me critical lessons such as the proper attitude of a winner and to never care about other’s opinions. Now, I obviously can’t credit all my success to Tom, but he did play a small, important role in my athletic career. He served as inspiration; a level that I someday hope to reach. No matter how minuscule the role, Tom still served as a role model in my life.
    A lot of people credit their parents as their role models. But some who grow up without parental figures credit themselves for their success. While this is obviously true, they still had role models whether they realized or not. Emotions can act as role models too. For example, those who find success are driven by their desire, or pain, or excitement, or whatever. Motivation itself can be your biggest role model.
    No matter who or what has impacted you, I believe that they can be considered role models. I guess it depends on your definition. But regardless, we all have our role models to thank.

  28. I believe role models are individuals who serve as sources of inspiration and guidance, shaping the way we perceive the world and influencing our personal development. They embody qualities, values, and achievements that we admire and aspire to emulate. Role models can come from various spheres of life, including family, friends, celebrities, historical figures, and even fictional characters.

    One of the primary roles of a role model is to provide a positive example for others to follow. They demonstrate the possibility of success and personal growth through hard work, determination, and ethical behavior. By observing their actions and choices, we gain insights into effective decision-making and learn how to navigate challenges. Role models often offer a blueprint for achieving goals, be it in academics, career, relationships, or personal well-being.

    Role models also play a crucial role in instilling values and shaping our moral compass. They showcase empathy and resilience, reminding us of the importance of these traits in creating a harmonious society. Whether it’s a parent displaying compassion, a historical figure advocating for justice, or a celebrity using their platform for social change, role models influence our perception of right and wrong.

    Furthermore, role models foster a sense of belonging and motivation. When we see someone who shares our background or faced similar obstacles succeed, it instills a sense of hope and determination. Their achievements become evidence that circumstances can be overcome, regardless of where one starts. This sense of connection can drive individuals to strive for excellence and push their boundaries.

    It’s important to note that while role models can inspire, they are not perfect. Perfection is not the essence of being a role model. Instead, they show us that making mistakes is a part of growth, and learning from those mistakes is essential. Acknowledging their imperfections makes their achievements more relatable and attainable, reminding us that success is attainable through effort and resilience.

  29. I believe role models are those who do what others don’t. They are people who give you guidance and determination and inspire others to do things they have been afraid of. My brother has been my role model for me growing up. He’s always been there for me and very successful in the life he is leading right now. I’ve been looking up to him since I was a little kid, and he always supports me through all of the hardships I have faced so far. I believe growing up with one is a big factor in determining who you are and how you act. Everyone has different sources of inspiration which can vary from teachers, parents, siblings, partners, etc. And each one can inspire and allow you to show growth in varying ways. The best thing about role models is that they don’t act a certain way to be a role model to you, they just behave as themselves which goes to show that they are pretending to be who they are but it’s them just being real. All in all, role models are there for you throughout your highs and lows and are a source of inspiration in varying forms.

  30. Role models are generally a positive thing and an integral part of someone’s growth and development into an independent person, but at times, they can also be a double-edged sword and bring more negative effects than positive ones. On one hand, a positive role model can be a guiding light in the darkness and is sometimes necessary for someone’s development. They can serve to inspire and guide people to the right path. People who have been influenced by positive role models during their development will often tell you that the role model was integral to their growth and that they wouldn’t be the same person without them. On the other hand though, a negative role model can be incredibly detrimental to someone’s growth and are all too common in the age of the internet. Prior to the internet, it was more difficult for negative role models to gain enough of a platform to influence anyone, but with the internet anyone can spread whatever ideas they want to anyone they want and gain a large platform doing so. This leads to it becoming all the more common that children will unknowingly allow a negative role model to influence their ideas and end up worshiping them as a false idol. Take someone like Andrew Tate for example: He uses his platform to spread his mostly hateful and toxic ideology to his fanbase of mostly young boys who then funnel thousands of dollars into his various scams and spread his ideology even further. He is the very definition of a negative role model but he is given a massive platform to speak because of how easy it is to spread ideas on the internet and how easy it is for kids and teens to access them. It is important for us to ensure that positive role models are given more of a platform than negative ones, because at their best, role models are inspirations who can help young people learn their place in the world, and at their worst, they can be manipulators who corrupt young people’s minds into spreading negativity.

  31. I believe that role models are important people in a young one’s life. Starting at a young age, they show you the ropes and lead you in the right direction. For most people, their role model is their mother or father. Some people consider both to be their role models. Role models teach you morals, which are key in development and relationships you encounter throughout your life. Typically, the people you build a strong connection with are those who have similar morals to you. Role models can also help assist you in your skills and hobbies, even if it doesn’t particularly interest them. Which deserves admiration and shows they deserve to be considered a role model.

    It can be devastating when a role model lets you down. But at the same time it also teaches you a valuable lesson. That even those who you look up to, or view as “perfect” make mistakes. It teaches you that there are gonna be obstacles in life and ups and downs. It’s important to learn from failure or setbacks and use those as motivation.

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